First Look Character Poster of Tovino Thomas in Chengazhi Nambiyar


The new movie “Chengazhi Nambiar” becomes the talk of the town.The film is directed and written by Sidhil Subramanian.

Here is the first look character poster of Tovino Thomas as Puthumana Panicker. in the movie Chengazhi Nambiyar.The movie is based on the life of Chengazhi Nambiyar, Chandroth Panicker and many others who were in the Mamaankan in AD 1505.

The character of Tovino named Puthumana Panicker will be a turning point of his life, Director Says.Audience were eagerly waiting for the revealing news of the lead role actor who portrays Chengazhi Nambiyar in the movie. The movie will make Malayalam language and it’s culture to the global level.

The film has a budget of 100 Crores and which will be released in different languages.The movie is now in the Pre-Production stage and more details will be revealed soon.