Mammootty Hadn’t Used A Dupe In Mrugaya : I.V.Sasi


We all have already seen the story of Pulimurugan who hunt the deadly tigers,And it has been taken our hearts.If we take some of the movies in the same genre we can forget the masterpiece work of Mammootty “Mrugaya” which is written by Lohithadas and directed by I.V.Sasi.The film has crossed 27 years by now.

We had celebrated the scenes at theatres which Mammootty fights with the cheetah in the streets where people were in a panic situation in the movie.I.V Sasi has revealed his experience of shooting “Mrugaya” to Manorama Online like this.

Lohithadas is telling the thread of this movie to me.Lohithadas had known a real life character personally like as Varunni from the movie “Mrugaya”.That person had inspired him to write the script of the movie.At those time VFX & graphics were not be available or popularized here.We had shooted most of the scenes in a risky and adventurous way.After the release of the movie people had said that the cheetah in the movie was not real and Mammootty had used a dupe to cheat viewers.But it was not true , He had used the dupe only for 2 long shots in the movie and other all shots in the movie had done by Mammootty himself.

In those times there were no security measures to be done.So the cheetah was brought from Chennai after it’s training.If the cheetah had a bite in between the shoot everything will go into a dustbin and all our efforts would be wasted.But for the god grace, every thing had completed as we planned.

Mammootty had arrived at the location without any experience with a deadly cheetah.He actually seeing a cheetah at a close range at the location.There was a trainer for the cheetah at the location he teaches Mammootty to how to fight with the cheetah.Mammootty was frightened for two days.After some days he converted as a real Varunni.