Nisha Menon About Pulimurugan Review Controversy


We had seen the promotions and celebrations of fans associations in the release days at theaters.But social media gives the opportunity to gather these fans to celebrate and attack their opponents.

The social media promotion have a big part in the youth’s arrival into the theaters.This is a post of experience which a lady named Nisha Menon who works at Akashavani as a casual announcer had faced from Mohanlal fans for writing a funny review about Pulimurugan.

“I had written so many reviews like this before, But this is a new experience.I wrote the review of Pulimurugan in a humourous way but people started to abuse me through the facebook comments of the post and by personal message.I don’t even know what’s wrong with the post and why the people are overreacting like this.Some people had abused by adding my family members too.

They were scolding that I’m a Mammootty follower and i was paid to write this.I believe that in this country i have the right to write my opinion in my facebook wall and no one have the right to ask.