Organ Donation is the Biggest Gimmick By Hospitals To Make Money : Sreenivasan

Organ Donation Is The Biggest Gimmick By Hospitals To Make Money : Sreenivasan

Major cause for the diseases in Kochi is the polluted water of Periyar says actor-writer Sreenivasan. He was talking at a Press Club in Ernakulam.

“There are about 850 factories in Kochi and in that 84 are red category industrial houses. All these factories throw out their chemical wastes into the rivers. The waste pipe which starts from factory is connected to the rivers through underground” he added.

“If we look from outside we can’t see anything, but what reaches the rivers through underground are highly poisonous chemical wastes. Fishes dies due to this and these fishes are sold in our markets, which we buy and consume.

Government says that this water is cleaned through chlorination and is supplied as drinking water. It was proved by First World countries that chlorination won’t clean poisoned water even before 100 years. 1.3 lakhs out of 40 lakh people in Kochi are having kidney related issues. They first approach the big hospitals for dialysis and fall prey to their business gimmicks. Atlast it ends in the organ transplantation.

Many are their who promote organ donation saying ‘organ donation is the best donation’. Dr. B.M. Hegde has said that even if we accept our own father’s or son’s organs it will be rejected by the body. When body rejects these they use anti-biotics to reduce the body’s defence. Like this drug mafias are ruling the world.

Recently, a heart was transported in helicopter and transplanted in Lisie Hospital. It was a big news that time but no one tried to find out if the person who accepted the heart is still alive. Organ donation is just a gimmick of hospitals to make money. A coronary stent costs just Rs.700  to produce but the hospitals in Kochi charges about 1.3 lakhs for these. Bigger the hospitals, bigger the charges.” said Sreenivasan.