Shivaay Movie Review


“You will find very few superheroes outside of the comic books”, says one of the female character in the movie in an apparent reference to Shivaay, the title role played by Ajay Devgan. In fact, the actor has made a valiant effort to be a super hero in all aspects except for a superhero costume. But the end result is not something that Ajay would have expected. Shivaay, the second directorial venture of Ajay Devgan is a monster in terms of visualization but is a torturous experience that goes on endlessly without a full stop to close to three hours.

Shivaay is a Himalayan mountaineer who goes to Bulgaria in search of his girlfriend Olga who abandoned him and their new born baby. Their daughter Gaura who is eight years old now want to meet her mother now and they travel to the foreign land only to be found totally lost as they become prey to a kidnapping gang involved with organ and flesh trade. How the title protagonist fight singlehandedly taking law into his own hands to rescue his daughter from the clutches of the criminals is what Shivaay narrate.

One would expect a decent dose of action in a film projected to be one such film belonging to that genre and that too with Ajay himself wielding the megaphone. The movie has done total justice on that side but the execution goes over the top adding lot of melodrama and unwanted sentiments that let down the movie completely.

Add to it the the three hour duration that took a heavy toll on the viewing pleasure. At one stage, the film was finding it very hard to finish with unnecessary scenes towards the end. The initial one hour or so was simply exaggerated scenes that could have been told in little less than thirty minutes or so was a major speed breaker that affected the overall flow.

Directing is no mean task and director being the captain of the ship has to be fully focused right from the day the project is visualized till the movie is wound up with all the post-production work completed with the product ready for the audience. With all due respects to the efforts taken by Ajay on the directorial side, it was a struggle seeing him performing triple role of that of an actor and director apart from being one of the producer of the movie.

Visually, the movie is appealing with rich production values. The daredevil stunts though at times was over the top, the way it was performed and captured to the big screen was impressive. Cinematography was excellent and the mountaineering scenes were well choreographed with quite good CGI. Editing should have been better, trimming some unwanted scenes that only helped in extending the running time. Some of the scenes looked as if the director failed to give the cut and just goes on and on that badly needed some chopping. Music was good while the background score was quite nice.

Ajay Devgan appearing as the title protagonist have put in some commendable effort especially on the action side. Sayyesha Saigal who appear halfway through the movie put up a decent acting performance while the two foreign actors appearing as the girlfriend of Shivaay and the daughter character were also notable.

The action is good and the imagination of a movie of this magnitude is appreciable but the film lacked a solid story and a fresh plot. Rather, the movie just ends up as a badly presented version of Liam Neeson’s Taken. Whether the resemblance to the Hollywood flick is intentional or not is a different matter but Shivaay just end up as a disaster.

Rating – 1.5 / 5