Mohanlal Fans Joins The War Against Piracy


It’s good to see that Fans Associations are taking initiative to stop piracy.The contemporary issue faced by the Malayalam film industry is the pirated copies of the latest released movies.

The latest victim of it is the blockbuster movie “Pulimurugan” directed by Vysakh and Produced by Tomichan Mulakupaadam.The Mohanlal fans and the Sto Piracy Antipiracy Solution together worked to remove pirated copies of Pulimurugan from the Torrent websites and social medias as well. Fans of other stars should learn from them.


Nivin Pauly’s Premam had faced the same problem by the leak of it’s censor copy after 24 days since it’s release. Mohanlal fans had done the same measures to stop piracy of the movie Premam. Some crooks are spreading rumors that Mohanlal fans haven’t done anything against piracy before the leak of pirated version of Pulimurugan.