Sreenivasan About Newspaper Reading Habits of New Generation


Veteran Actor/Writer Sreenivasan was well known for his sarcastic and socially relevant subject movies that he had done.The movie “Sandesham” which was released before 25 years was a perfect example of it.He responds to the question why there is a lack of sarcastic movies in Malayalam?

This generation hesitates to read the newspaper.Then how did they can adapt sarcasm on their movies?.The youths on this generation are not interested to read the newspaper to know about the current affairs and contemporary issues.They all are busy with their personal issues and works.We cannot do anything to change the view of new generation towards the society,Says Sreenivasan.

They understand that the social-political issues were not going to be changed by their interference and they all are fed up trying.This leads this generation to mind their own business, He added.

My beloved son Vineeth is also included in the new generation category.He also not used to read the newspaper.I think he also not aware of the aftereffects of neglecting the read.