Dangal Overtakes Pulimurugan in Kochi Multiplexes


Pulimurugan was the last film that shaken the box office and theaters as well.The film had got a huge mouth publicity from the first day of it’s release itself.And results in mass input of audience to the theatres and the movie marked a record of 100 crores in Malayalam movie industry.

Kochi had the highest number of Multiplexes in Kerala.Pulimurugan had 35 Multiplex theaters and 11 other theaters in Kochi.

Meanwhile, Aamir Khan starrer Dangal had breaked this record of Pulimurugan.On it’s release day Dangal had released on 47 multiplexes in Kochi.And a total of 55 theaters in Kochi including other theaters.The issue between the theater owners and distributors had indirectly helped “Dangal” for the increase of it’s release centers.

The movie Dangal is directed byNitesh Tiwari.Already the movie is getting terrifying positive reports.The movie had released in 5000 screens in total and from that 4300 screens were in India.The movie is based on a real life story of Mahaveer Singh Fogatt.