Kaabil Movie Review


Sanjay Gupta who is mostly known for directing stylish and sleak action films that too borrowed or inspired from Hollywood and Korean films wield the megaphone this time with Kaabil, that tells the story of visually-impaired couple. The film which is technically sound is a bit let down by the predictable story in it but what makes it watchable is the performance of Hrithik Roshan. He carries the film with a steady and controlled acting display to put Kaabil on a safe path. Believe me, this is one of his best, if not the best.

One can say the film is a revenge drama which is predictable from the word go but it should also be said that the modus operandi of the revenge part has been given a believability treatment, thanks to the contribution from the screenplay.

Rohan Bhatnagar (Hrithik Roshan) who is a dubbing artist and Supriya Sharma (Yami Gautam) are visually-impaired couple. Their marriage was a short lived one when some uninvited guests enter their beautiful world and bring it upside down naturally leading it to a revenge taking by Rohan. How and what is his operation style is what that form part of the remaining part in Kaabil.

The biggest challenge opened in front of the director is that he should make the revenge part a convincing one that one can believe it. This is mainly because the hero is blind and naturally there are challenges to present it on screen. Here the writing does the trick and along with it the acting of the protagonist cover up everything and doesn’t give time and chance to question things. The chances of the film getting too complex and messy didn’t happen and that puts Kaabil as a watchable film.

Initial part is dedicated to the romance of Rohan and Supriya blossoming through the meetings between each other in their own ways. It has been given a neat treatment making it look beautiful on screen. Then the film turn into a dark phase and thereafter it is the revenge part. The structure and pattern is quite good but the execution is somewhat outdated. But as I said, few factors cover up for the loose ends and those factors came up as a blessing in disguise at the right time.

A terrific interval punch scene inside the police station is followed by Rohan taking revenge which forms the second half’s highlight. How he execute his plans is presented smartly in a believable fashion with lot of style.

As I said initially, the film is backed by a solid act by Hrithik Roshan. The character of Rohan had challenges in it and it wasn’t that easy to perform with the character passing through different emotional phases. But the actor did his best to make it appear so natural and real on screen.

Same is the case with Yami Gautam who was equally competent in the limited space she got. Ronit Roy plays the chief villain Madhavrao Shellar as per the demands of the character while Rohit Roy appear as Amit Shellar, brother of Madhavrao. Both of them were equally good. Among the other supporting actors, i was also impressed with Narendra Jha, the senior police officer and Girish Kulkarni who was the second officer doing the investigation.

Technical side is always given high priority in most of Sanjay Gupta films and situation here is no different. Camera work was of a higher standard and editing was crisp. Resul Pookutty’s efforts were very well notable on the sound design side. Songs were reasonably good but their placement wasn’t that perfect. BGM was reasonably good as per the demands of an emotional revenge drama. Yesteryear hits Saara Zamaana and Dil Kya Kare recreation was a total failure that lacked the flair of the original just like any recreation that’s happening nowadays.

The bottom line is that in spite of the loose ends and predictable nature of revenge, Kaabil is a one time watchable film. A beautifully crafted romantic part in the film, believable revenge taking by a blind person and above all a compelling acting display from the lead actor puts the film into a passable territory.

Rating – 3 /5