The Movie Aby is now Free To Fly in the Heights


The honourable Ernakulam Munsif Court had lifted the disputes against the Vineeth starrer movie directed Srikant Murali.The director of Prithviraj starrer movie “Vimaanam” had filed a litigation at the court saying that the movie “Aby” has resemblance with his movie.

The honourable magistrate had watched the movie “Aby” and reads the script of Vimaanam and pointed out that the movies have no resemblance.This is the first time in the Malayalam movie history that a legal claim for the personality of a character in the film.The court had made an end to the legal war between the two movies that lasts for the 6 months.

The shoot of the movie Aby had started in June of 2016 and director of Vimaanam Pradeep Nair had filed a lawsuit to stop the shoot of the movie “Aby”. After a while, the court had lifted the stay for the movie and the crew had completed the movie.

After the movie shoot, Pradeep had filed another lawsuit to stay the release of the movie “Aby”. And finally, the court had lifted the stay and gave the approval for it’s release.