Liberty Basheers’ leadership collapses; Members descents from hundred to fifty


Liberty Basheer’s association is on the verge of collapse with the coming of a new association under Dileep. The members of Liberty Basheer’s association are ceasing one by one.

While 102 theater owners attended the exhibitors federation general body summoned immediately after the film strike, there were only below 50 members in the previous meeting

. The film exhibitors’ organisation of Kerala led by Dileep is an association of producers and distributors. Membership in this organisation is compulsory for getting important releases, it would be treated as an important organisation in the cinema field and also in government based discussion; these two facts made the breakage of exhibitor’s federation rapid.

Most of that films that produced after the strike were not allowed to release in the theaters of exhibitors’ federation. Both the producers and distributors decided to ban the distribution of cinemas for 25 theaters of federation executives including Liberty Basheer as they made huge loss to the film industry by making delay in the release of Christmas movies. Liberty Basheer submitted a futile petition to the government at this order.

 Even the members of exhibitor’s federation now turned against basher. And some of them complained that he is responsible for all the problems and they demanded his resignation in the last general body meeting.

 There were reports stating the resignation of the president Liberty Basheer and others, the dispersion of the existing association and also the in charge of advisory committee. But Liberty Basheer rejected the statement saying that the advisory committee took the charge of administration as they are completing their period on 31st .

 Film exhibiter’s federation treasurer Saju Joni had already resigned the post and joined the new association. This also adversely affected the federation. M.C Baby who worked for a long time as the federation general secretary is also now with new association. Even though Dileep approved the coming of Liberty Basheer into the new organisation the producers and distributors decided not to cooperate with Liberty Basheer including seven other theaters of Thalassery, Mavelikkara, Kazhakkuttam, Edappalli, Thrippunithura, Manjeri, Chalakkudi, Kanjani stations.

Malayalam film industry met with a break as federation producers and distributors broke their alliance over the issue of incrementing the theater owner’s share of income. Federation split with the rise of protest against the leadership. Actor Dileep and producer Antony Perumbavur were elected as the temporary chairmen of the organisation of ex-federation members, cine exhibitor’s association members and multiplex owners on 14 of this month.