Angamaly Diaries Movie review


Being a ‘true to the spine’ “Katta Local Padam”, Lijo Jose Pelliserry’s ‘Angamaly Diaries-starring a cluster of newfound artists, has easily surpassed the yardstick as to be entitled as ‘one of the most ORIGINAL movies’ to have been shot in Malayalam over the ages.

Masterfully scripted by Chemban Vinod, the movie has thoroughly dwelled in the unseen countercultures and the native parlances of Angamaly.

The whole ambit has been elaborately captured within ‘an unconventional and stylised’ framework, and has been ingrained with all the essential grit and heterogenities, apart from its lush detailing.

The movie has its own moments for faultless laughs, tingling awes and harmless simpers.

Lijo Jose Pellissery has for once again proved his true mettle and auteurism, singlehandedly, and through an enormously challenging invention as this. He has forever shown an innate flair for experimentations, and Amen, Double Barrel, City of God and Nayakan are all such prodigious validations for his unflagging cinematic convictions.

LJP is an uncompromising filmmaker with a definite vision of his own, and whose derring-dos shall be sung and eulogised for time immemorial.

Angamaly Diaries too, is a fresh arrow from his quiver, and with a definite cinematic smack for the slick, the comical and the episodic.

All the newbie actors did as much as to put up impressive shows, that never for a wink did inject a notion in the audience that “it’s a fresh-faced movie”.

Antony Varghese, who portrayed the lead protagonist, too deserves a special mention in that respect.

Prashant Pillai’s musical tryouts, too bore the essential fruits. ‘Theeyame’ and ‘Ayalathe’ are topnotch n’ innovational compositions, while the score was felt to be tailored to the film’s rim.

Girish Gangadharan’s photography too was splendid; especially the perfectly cranked-lengthy shot towards the end.

Overall, Angamaly Diaries is a show of genuine talents and ‘fierce art’. This is a movie that’s trimmed and accustomed as to suit the ‘must watch’ category.

Rating : 4/5

Reviewed by Suraj Rajesh