Interview with Vinayakan | Exclusive !

Performer Vinayakan, who was picked as the best actor in the Kerala State film grants as of late for his sterling execution in Kammatipaadam, says that he doesn’t have a place with the Page 3 circle.

The performing artist put forth some solid expressions about the general public around and the changing disposition of the general population, in his meeting with Asianet News Channel. “In the wake of getting the honor a few media people needed me to do a few signals before the camera, which I can’t. I was made a request to kiss my mom. I have never kissed her in my entire life. I don’t take after such a routine in my life. At that point why should I do it for the cameras?” he inquires.

Vinayakan originates from the first Kammatipaadam, which was made into a dumping place by the land bunches and the experts in the journey for advancement. “I was welcomed for your satire program yet I denied as I originate from a framework where there is no space for such a parody,” said Vinayakan. His lines have been invited with awesome energy by the web-based social networking.