Take Off Malayalam Movie Review


Mahesh Narayanan’s TAKE OFF, is a ‘grippingly cranked rarity’-bordering on the extreme fringes of cinematic docu-fiction, and a slightly antithetic whetstone to the usual demagoguery(as’d been Argo).

TAKE OFF is a zealous retelling, of the story behind a national triumph; a ‘lifesaving diplomatic mission’ that’d been undertaken by the Indian Government in 2014, towards airlifting and thus rescuing a cluster of Indian Nurses, who’d got stranded in a civil-strife-torn Iraq.

It also bears the insignia of being ‘a sacred testimony’ to the selfless services rendered by Nurses (God’s Angels In Disguise), even amidst all their spiteful circumstances and perturbing predicaments.

The movie also pays a duly homage to the late ‘Rajesh Pillai’, and too reminisces his pathbreaking ‘Traffic’ at certain instances, with regard to its similar ‘audacious’ style and structure.

Parvathy has for once again pulled off an incredible act, as the female protagonist ‘Sameera’, while Kunchacko Boban, Fahad Fazil and Asif Ali too has acquiesced to the prospects, thru their decent shares.

Sanu John Varghese’s lifelike and husky photography’s a true fait accompli, while Gopi Sunder has for once again managed to survive thru the gust.

A good movie in its making, Mahesh Narayanan has successfully drawn out the intended picture, with an utmost fervour for authenticity, and by shunning away all the usual pomp and glitz.

TAKE OFF is for the “deep-breathing” and sober venturers.
If you’ve such a predilection for the inexorable, then you definitely mustn’t miss this ride.

Rating: 4/5

Reviewer : Suraj Rajesh