Mohanlal’s 1971 Beyond Borders Trending in Georgia Too

Mohanlal starrer “1971 beyond borders” had already made international attention and fans by now. The movie 1971 beyond Borders directed Major Ravi is all set to be released on April 7’th. The film may hit more than 205+ theatres in Kerala and it would have a record number of theatres in India as well.

The ‘1971 beyond borders” movie was now trending on Georgia televisions. Some important parts of the movie were shot in the areas of Georgia in the month of February. The artists from Georgia had performed in this movie and the reports of this Malayalam movie were continuously been aired in “Iberia Channel”. The visuals of the shooting were telecasted on the programme named “Talk with Crasana”.

The programme also consists of an interview with Director Major Ravi. The voiceover on the video says about the Indian movie and they call Mohanlal as the Superstar from India.

Here is the video telecasted in Georgia:

Previously released Mohanlal movie “pulimurugan and Munthirivallikal Thalirkkumpol has screened all over Europe and find new markets for Malayalam cinemas. Now 1971 beyond borders had made that path clear even before it’s release.