Vijay’s phone call to Indian Army officer goes viral

The nation is worried, tensed, and angry on the Pulwama attacks from the past ten days and the surgical air strikes have caused the rivalry a bit more.

The situation have demanded for more soldiers into the duty and asked army officers back on duty in Kashmir. During this, Kollywood actor Vijay Thalapati is said to have called one of the army officers namely Thamizh Selvan who also hails from Chennai. This audio clip has gone viral on social media. It is said that actor Vijay called Selvan to wish him all the best for his endeavour.

Fans have appreciated the content of the audio clip and have been largely circulated. The audio clip also says officer Thamizh Selvan assuring Vijay that he would safely come back and meet him soon.

Actor Vijay has huge respect for the country and its army. He was seen in an army officer role in film Thuppaki. Currently, the actor is busy with his next flick under Atlee direction, alongside Nayanthara.