Two, the President of Afghanistan? The counterparties, as in the Ghani and Abdullah on Monday after a controversial election result, both in the profession. Then all of a sudden explosions were heard.

Kabul (dpa) – The dispute over the outcome of the presidential election in Afghanistan, the two rivals, and in the case of a competitive ceremony to the office to call.

Ashraf Ghani, the election Commission about three weeks ago, the election’s winner was declared, and of his oath of office on Monday at the presidential Palace in Kabul. At the same time, his competitor in the election campaign of the previous government, the CEO, Abdullah Abdullah, in a private ceremony in Kabul, as President, swear, in.

“Very sad, and dangerous as well. The two parallel ceremonies. Therefore, it may not. There is a strong union is needed, not a destructive competition,” tweeted the former UN special envoy to Afghanistan, Kai Eide.

During Ghani’s speech, and explosions were heard. The two missiles have to be taken at a stone’s throw away, as it was said security sources. “It is all safe and secure, no one injured, President Ghani is not like that,” tweeted the spokesperson of the government, Sedik Sedikki in the afternoon.

The channel, Tolo TV, reported that Ghani had made, continued his speech after a short Pause. “I’m not wearing the armored vest,” said Ghani, and opened his jacket. “We have seen a huge attack. A couple of explosions, we need not be afraid.” The television was on, to see how Ghani’s of the people, the masses, and for the honour of the army was to be welcomed. Also, the commander of U.S. troops in Afghanistan, and General Austin Scott Miller, the U.S. Diplomat Zalmay Khalilzad was Ghani’s ceremony.

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For months, the dispute over the outcome of the presidential elections were held in September, 2019 is not present. The election commission, incumbent President Ghani at the 18th. In February, 50.64 per cent of the votes, was declared the winner. Abdullah speaks of the fraud, and claimed some 300 000 votes. The election turnout was about 15 percent, the lowest level since the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001.

Thomas Ruttig of the Kabul think tank the Afghanistan Analysts Network, said: “We all know how the election is really coming from.” You might just be the effect of the contested votes, a second ballot would have been more likely. The media had reported on a match between the Teams of Abdullah and Ghani on Sunday. So, the two sides could not come to an agreement.

The internal political crisis to hit Afghanistan and at an inopportune time. In the United States of america, and the militant Islamist Taliban, have just had a contract, that intra-Afghan peace is, it would have to start the conversation. To insist in the negotiations with the Islamists, according to the observers, especially the Unit on the government’s side is necessary.