Berlin had to take recently decided minors from the Greek refugee camps. Other EU countries want to help. But the international community remains divided.

Brussels (dpa) – The “coalition of the willing” for the consumption of minors, refugees from Greece are growing. At the Meeting of EU interior Ministers, other countries have signaled a willingness to, or considered, said EU Commissioner for Ylva Johansson in Brussels.

A common approach in the 27 States, however, continue. Some States rejected the push to get children and young people from the overcrowded Camps on the Greek Aegean Islands, vehemently. Also, the spread of the Coronavirus that could complicate the project.

EU Commissioner for Ylva Johansson had announced the previous day that there was a “coalition of the willing” made up of seven States. They wanted to remove Greece a total of at least 1600 unaccompanied minors and other refugees. In addition to Germany, France, Ireland, Finland, Portugal, Luxembourg and Croatia belong to. On Friday it was in Brussels, Bulgaria have shown willingness. This also applies to Italy – as soon as I relaxed, the crisis of the Coronavirus.

Currently over 42,500 migrants, according to the Greek citizen protection Ministry of Lesvos, Samos, Kos, Leros and Chios – the capacity is actually around 6000 seats. According to the EU Commission, around 5500 of them unaccompanied minors. Nine out of ten were 14 years old or older, it said, citing the Greek authorities. Greece, the EU had asked States in the autumn of to help.

Johansson said, now give it a certain Momentum. Luxembourg, which had announced the admission of ten unaccompanied Minors, wool resettle the first group of people already next week. But for each country there is a need for a tailor-made approach which will take account of the selection criteria of the respective States – such as the age or the language.

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At least 1600 children and young people should be resettled, said Johansson. With some States you should be in the conversation. Previously had to be ensured, whether it needs certain measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

Germany and France are expected to record the majority of children and young people from the Camps – probably several Hundred. For the Federal government, the inclusion of sick children with their families is a priority. Then, unaccompanied minors should year old – in the best case, girls will be taken into account under the age of 14. Some EU States, they wanted to record people wanted to show other forms of support, said Johansson. In the case of a EU-conference in may, more help for those young people should be worn together, which remain in Greece.

“The Netherlands are ready to give Greece all the support it needs,” he said on Friday about the Dutch migration Minister Ankie Broekers-Knol. “But we are not willing to take on children.” Luxembourg’s Minister Jean Asselborn advertised, however, once again, for the Adoption of the Minors: “I believe that we can help Greece through this.” He hoped that the efforts would not be stopped by the Coronavirus. Croatia Bozinovic stressed the Minister of the interior in Front of it, you should take into account the spread of the Coronavirus in the further course of action.

At the Greek-Turkish border crossing at Kastanies/Pazarkule was quiet on Friday morning. On the eve of a number of people had again tried by the Turkish side of a border fence on the Greek side to break through illegally to Greece and in the EU to penetrate. Hundreds of Frontex forces were meanwhile, their work along the land border, as the EU border protection Agency announced.

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On the Greek island of Lesvos, significantly more people arrived, meanwhile, again as last. On Board of two boats, 75 people came, according to the state television of Greece (ERT). The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had on 7. March arranged that the Turkish coast guard stop the Crossings. Since then, hardly any migrants had crossed until Friday morning, the Straits between the Turkish coast and the Greek Islands.