In the race for the U.S. presidential candidate of the Democratic party is now in an exciting fight. Former US Vice-President Biden to extend his lead to a huge pre-election day, or on the top-left Senator Sanders to win back power?

Washington (ap) – the game before the U.S. presidential candidate of the Democratic party in the next round. In the six States for the Democrats to vote on Tuesday on whether to hold the left, Senator Bernie Sanders, and the former US Vice-President Joe Biden, for the better Advantage of Challenger.

Especially with the vote in Michigan, it is considered to be an important Test case. Also, in the States of Missouri, arkansas, Idaho, Mississippi, North Dakota, and Washington primary elections will be held.

The first polling stations opened on Tuesday morning (local time), Michigan, and Missouri. The primaries extended over several time zones. The results are to be expected, according to the German time on Wednesday.

In the case of the Republican party, which met on Tuesday with the front-cover texts, and the result has been almost everything: He’s the party has no serious competition. He was in a position to expect stunning results.

In the case of the Democrats, the race will be decided. As before, both the Offer (77) and Sanders (78), with a Chance of winning the nomination. Biden did last week, which is the most important of the pre-selection of the day, “Super Tuesday” with primaries in 14 States on a surprising winning streak and a Freak on top and on the bottom of the rank as a favorite in the national polls.

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“We will all unite, Democrats, Republicans, and Independent, of any kind, and this is what the Country needs. We can bring the country together,” Biden said on the eve of the primaries in Detroit, Michigan.

Biden had been in the past couple of days, with the public support of several moderate Democrats who were dropped out of the presidential race. Finally, the former candidate, Kamala Harris, and also failed to be a Senator, Cory Booker reflected on his side, they were flanking him on Monday to the stage at the Detroit show. Harris, and the party was able to support, Offer to give a small speed boost, especially in the case of the African-American voters.

In a series of primaries, stretching out to the summer season, in order to be distributed, the votes of the delegates. These trips have been in July, for the nomination of the democratic national Convention, in order to determine if, and for all of the presidential candidates. 1991 3979 regular delegates, there has to be a candidate, at his side, in order to secure the nomination.

In the event of a tie in the six States in one day, it was going to be about nine per cent of all mainstream party representatives. In the light of your relatively many of the votes that can be distributed to this day, it is the so-called ” pre-selection day will also be a “Mini-Super Tuesday”.

Only Michigan, with 125 deputies vote in Washington state 89, Missouri 68. He focused his campaign in recent days, the vote is close, the importance of the state of Michigan, at that time, he was in the primaries in 2016, they won. “Michigan is a very, very, very, very important,” said Sanders over the weekend. He stressed, however, that he was stepping into, not out of the race, when he lost it.

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Overall, the results show, according to preliminary calculations, the last primary Offer in the number of members. However, the final results are not yet available.

It was unclear as to whether and how the financial crisis of the new corona virus has an effect on the rise. In the state of Washington, has so far been conducted in the united states of america, on the other hand, is primarily a vote by the absentee ballot. Due to the process at the time of the vote, it could take days before results are available.