The corona virus crisis in Italy and also in relation to the detention. To the chagrin of the local residents about the no-Contact orders to break orbit. But with dire consequences.

Rome (ap) – a fire in the cell, the prisoners on the roof, which, In many of the prisons in Italy, in the middle of the corona virus-crisis-violent protest, with multiple deaths.

In Modena, the six prisoners were dead, some severely injured, were told on Monday by Francesco Basentini of the prison system as well as into the TELEVISION. According to the media 50 of the prisoners had tried to escape. The trade unions, the jail, the police said, the uprisings in 27 jails across the country. The prisoners, of Modena, died in may of an Overdose of the drugs, that you would be able to have that with the storm, the Department of health is taken in.

The media showed a Video of a riot in a prison in Milan, italy. In order to see how the prisoners were to be at the top, and the “freedom” chant. In the building there is a fire. In the city of Foggia, and several of the prisoners had fled. According to the health agency of the Lazio Region, there was also a Roman prison of Rebibbia insurgency.

The reason for the protest action against the corona virus, had Susanna Marietti of the organization’s Antigone, which campaigns for the rights of prison inmates, according to the German press agency. These visits, however, were in the prisons, and outdoor and cultural activities to occur. “You were left alone. There was no communication about the situation. Those are the only on-SCREEN for you to learn from it. A prison sentence would have continued with the idea, then, of “home” institution in the country in the Ocean. The people at the hospital are already in fear, “you can imagine, this is only on the inside”.

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Italy is, after China, the country with the most deaths as a result of the lung disease Covid-19. More than 7,300 people have been infected. Experts expect to have a large, dark figure. The government has, therefore, in the Region of Lombardy and of the 14 counties in the Northern part of Italy, but also in a limited area.

In a message, She was said to be in such a crisis in the country, which at that point in time, the Covid-19-the disease is to go by, it is of fundamental importance in order to explain to prisoners the Situation and to make contacts, to Connect, for example, via Skype.

For a long time now, trade unions and other associations criticised the poor conditions in overcrowded prisons in Italy. The leader of the opposition and Ex-Minister of the interior Matteo Salvini, the right-wing Lega to which reference is made in the following on Monday: “It’s a ticking time-bomb that is exploding right now, unfortunately, with tragic consequences.”