Nearly 300 people were in the crash of flight MH17 claimed the lives of. In the Netherlands, are now being blamed on four Pro-Russian rebels. There will be justice for the victims and their relatives?

Amsterdam (ap) – Nearly six years after the shooting Down of the Malaysian passenger plane MH17 over the East of Ukraine, the criminal process in the Netherlands, and to “punish” one of the worst plane disasters in the last couple of decades.

Adventures of three Russians and a Ukrainian. With the crash in the war zone, came in the summer of 2014 should be all of the 298 passengers lost their lives.

The defendant does not appear, the court may, by Hendrik Steenhuis, noted on Monday in a high-security building Headquarters, near Amsterdam, the netherlands. The Pro-Russian rebels ‘ 298 accused of murders.

It is a process that is expected to be in the next year, and will be used by the members of the family of the victims for a long time and is getting impatient. Prosecutor Dedy Was a Next to read out the names of all the victims that went on for nearly 20 minutes, as well as in the court room, it was very peaceful and quiet. The participants said it was a very emotional Moment.

Right Steenhuis said, ” there was only Silence, and Reflection, would be appropriate. The Crash in the East of Ukraine, the lawyer is known as a “Disaster,” and added, “All dead.” The most recent victim was one-year-old, the oldest 82 years of age. The impact of the disaster was “hardly conceivable,” said the judge. In the interest of the particular case, it is huge.

The suspects might have been involved in the use of the Russian federation in the East of Ukraine, and expressed the air defense system of the type to bend over. One of the separatist territory and fired a missile from a Russian design, then the plane crash caused you. Only the Defendant Him Pulatow have played a major role in the secret service of the breakaway region of Donetsk, in the Netherlands, lawyers are also represented. “He’s not responsible,” said the lawyer, in the court of law.

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The trial is a politically sensitive issue, because Moscow rejects any and all responsibility for the firing of the back. The Defendants do not have to be afraid of shipping to Russia. The Russian state is, in principle, the docking stations, since the outbreak of the war in the East of Ukraine, in the spring of 2014, the Moscow support for the separatists.

In the West, to the giant, he will be welcomed to the process. The goal was to find the truth and to achieve justice for the victims and their relatives. The US Secretary of state, Mike Pompeo called on Moscow for its aggressive and destabilizing activities in Ukraine came to a halt.

The process takes place close to the airport. From there, the Boeing-777 of Malaysia Airlines on July 17. In July of 2014 in the direction of Kuala Lumpur has begun. It has been almost 200 Dutch nationals were on the plane, the passengers were from many different countries, including Germany.

Piet’s Team, the spokesperson of the advocacy Foundation is an air disaster of MH17″, said to be a very important day of the year. “The victims’ families have been waiting for, for five-and-a-half years of age. We are hoping that now that the truth is on the table,” he told the news agency ANP said. Team had lost in the disaster, his brother, his sister-in-law, and nephew. Right Steenhuis made it very clear that the members are given the opportunity to report back to the court of justice on the personal effects.

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The most Prominent among the accused is the former commander of the Pro-Russian rebels, Igor Girkin, nicknamed “Strelkov”. He is a former “Minister of defense” of the separatist region of Donetsk, as well as the highest public servant, he is said to have links with the Russian army, to be entertained. The former Russian officer’s Dubinski Of 2014, the Deputy Girkins, and also get in touch with the person in Russia. The only Ukrainian Leonid Kharchenko, he led a combat unit in the Region.

The International investigation team, JIT is examined as of 2014, the case may be, by the experts from the most affected countries, italy, Australia, Malaysia, Ukraine, united kingdom, austria, Belgium, and the Netherlands. The law, in the case of MH17, now it has to 36,000 pages, and he was in the Netherlands a lot of attention. The major Dutch newspaper “De Telegraaf”, accused Russia of a cynical power politics of the netherlands the Netherlands could not, however, in the case of MH17, locker.

Moscow dismissed prior to the trial starts as soon as the shame, not the light of the circumstances in question. For years, Russia will work actively with at the level of the General public prosecutor’s office to the Agency Interfax according to. It had not been provided with detailed information on all of the requests for legal assistance,” and “information on the true extent of the tragedy”.