US President, Trump is not advised because of its slow response to the spread of the Coronavirus in the criticism. Now he declares a national emergency and thus setting free disaster assistance in the billions to the crisis.

Washington (dpa) – US President Donald Trump calls for the spread of the Coronavirus in the United States of a national emergency.

The measure further Federal government would set funds in the amount of up to $ 50 billion to combat the Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 free, Trump said on Friday at a press conference in the rose garden of the White house. “We will remove any necessary obstacle or eliminate, in order to give our citizens the treatment they need,” promised Trump.

“In the coming weeks, we will all make changes and sacrifices,” the President said. “The next eight weeks will be crucial.” A country-wide state of emergency as it is in some other States, in which in such a case, fundamental rights will be repealed, this does not mean a national emergency in the United States.

According to the national health authority, the CDC, more than 1600 Sars-CoV-2-cases were in the US so far registered. Since mid-January, according to the CDC, however, only to less than 14,000 Tests. For comparison: South Korea is testing according to media reports, up to 20.00 people of the day. In view of the few Tests in the United States the real figure is probably significantly higher. In the United States were recorded, according to the CDC, so far, more than 40 Deaths due to the Virus.

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Trump had initially tried to the threat posed by the Coronavirus in the USA small talk. After the first cases he had shown himself confident that the number of infections will soon go back. Instead, the number jumped up dramatically. Trump had said during a visit to the health authorities, the CDC in Atlanta (Georgia), on Friday of last week, also: “Everyone who wants a Test, you can get a Test.”

In the White house, Trump said on Friday: “it is, We want to ensure that those in need of a Test can make a Test very safe, fast and convenient,” said Trump. “We don’t want everyone to run out and (for a Test) make.” Test possibilities would be greatly expanded.

A Google-developed test page should provide clues as to whether a Test for a Person is make sense. Next week should be Trump, according to in addition, 1.4 million Tests within a month, then five million. He doubted, however, that you will need this number even close. “No country is better prepared and equipped to this crisis,” claimed Trump. Experts have doubts.

The proclamation of a state of emergency Trump gives far-reaching powers. The measure allows, among other things, the access to funds for disaster relief, the Congress has been equipped with 42.6 billion dollars (38.5 billion euros). Several Democrats in the U.S. Senate, had asked the Republican Trump, declare a state of emergency in order to make these funds accessible.

Trump announced that the Minister of health will have new powers to ensure Doctors, hospitals and insurance companies “maximum flexibility”. Trump introduced mobile testing stations for particularly affected regions in view, in the people to taking a sample with their cars can drive. Concrete relief, he announced to students: The German government decrees, the interest on your loan. In addition, he had instructed the energy Minister to buy large amounts of crude oil as a strategic Reserve.

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At the press conference, Trump appeared with members of his Coronavirus-working group and representatives of companies like Walmart and drugstores. Although currently, from all sides, the social distance is, calls are not abandoned Trump on Hands and stood close with his Team.

The Director of the National Institute for infectious diseases, Anthony Fauci, said the US still had a long way to go. “It’s going to be a lot more cases,” he said. At a hearing in Congress on Thursday Fauci had revealed that the American health care system is not aimed, in particular, with a view to test the possibilities really on what is currently being used. “It is a weakness, let’s.”